The smart downlights with room-filling sound

Zuma is a new way to experience natural high-quality colour rendered lighting and truly immersive high-fidelity audio. A unique ultra-compact, high-performance ceiling speaker with a low-energy LED light – all housed within a stylish, deceptively simple to install, ceiling light fixture.

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Sound and Light. Reinvented.

We all want fewer devices in our homes. A home with smart downlights and amazing audio shouldn’t mean endless gadgets, plugs, cables, and bulky loudspeakers.

Zuma is a new wireless way to bring premium high-fidelity audio into any room through your ceiling lights.

Ingenious…a unique and atmospheric sound that rains down on the listener’s ears.

Mark Sparrow, Senior contributor

A Imagine a clutter free future where cables and boxes disappear and all your essential tech is hidden away in your ceiling.

Chris Nuttall, Lead writer, #TechFT

A One of the most ingenious developments in home tech is Zuma, an all-in-one high fidelity audio and high-performance lighting system that slots into any room with existing down-lights.

The Times

A When they’re installed in multiples the sweet spot vanishes and you’re bathed in glorious audio.

Wired UK Staff

The sound quality is hugely impressive, with a three-dimensional clarity and volume that is immersive and resonant.

Jonathan Bell, Technology editor

Illumination that can mimic natural sunlight and an enveloping canopy of sound.

Clare Sartin, Houses Editor

A class apart, offering wireless convenience and superb sound quality whether you’re using voice control or a smartphone.

BBC Music Magazine

A Suddenly, custom installing smart lighting and a multi-room, concealed speaker system is so much simpler.

Duncan Bell, Technology writer

Zuma is a light and speaker that contains multitudes.

Caroline Preece, Smart tech writer

A “Nothing not to love here"

Jonathan Margolis, Consumer Tech Journalist

Zuma Light System.

Here to create the perfect living environment. Zuma’s high performance, LED smart lighting, engineered to last years, gives you an excellent natural colour atmosphere to suit any mood.

With a colour rating index (CRI) 90 we are at the peak of colour rendering quality and natural smart lighting. Not only that, but our custom circadian rhythm feature means lighting instinctively matches the natural light of the day, supporting your wellbeing and your body’s natural rhythm to improve energy levels and sleep patterns.