Zuma Luminaire

Zuma Luminaire

Minimal lighting at its best

Perfectly matched to work alongside Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire is our high-performing downlight giving you natural lighting throughout your home.

100 increments of Dimming
Zuma is IP65 rated
Every part of the product is software updatable

Clean simple living.

Minimal design, easy installation, seamless style

Zuma Luminaire are high performance smart LED downlights. Sitting in your ceiling they provide natural light with modes to allow you to change the tones to suit any mood.

Plus, their circadian mode automatically mirrors the intensity and colour temperature of natural light, helping your bodies follow it’s natural circadian rhythm.

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Zuma Luminaire Home LightZuma Luminaire light
Zuma App Screen

How does Zuma work?

Zuma Luminaire is an ultra-compact downlight fixture, which is easily installed into your ceilings. You can retrofit Zuma into existing fixtures, using your current lighting circuit and switches*

Zuma Luminaire works in conjunction with Lumisonic as a multi-room wireless system. This means you must have at least one Zuma Lumisonic in the same area.

Connect Zuma to your Wi-Fi network, Airplay2 or Bluetooth to control both lighting and sound from your phone via our app. Or use our new Smart-Bezel speech technology to control it with your voice.

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*At least one Zuma Lumisonic is required in a Zuma Luminaire area

What makes
Zuma Luminaire unique?

With over 100 increments of dimming the Zuma lighting system enables super smooth adjustments, providing warm to cool colour ranges from 2800K- 4800k. This gives you lighting to suit any occasion, from an intimate candle lit dinner to a fresh morning workout in the gym.

Plus with Zuma smart lighting it’s possible to have all the lights programmed to never exceed 75% illumination helping to save energy, whilst not even realising the difference.

Available with 52-, 32- and 22-degree beam angles on request.

Zuma is IP65 rated and can be used throughout the house including bathrooms, Spa rooms, swimming pools and shower rooms.

Every part of the product is software updatable giving you confidence future needs and trends will be met.

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Zuma Light
Zuma Luminaire Dimension

Zuma Luminaire- Light

Tuneable dimmable light with 1000 shades
  • Beam angle:

    52˚ FWHM

  • Light source:

    LED package STW9C2PB

  • Colour temperature range:

    2800k – 4800k

  • Lumen:


  • Connectivity:

    Wi-Fi, Alexa, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay,

  • Zuma app & voice:

    Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Roon Ready

Clean simple living. Zuma brings light and sound into one device.

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"Illumination that can mimic natural sunlight and an enveloping canopy of sound."

Clare Sartin, Houses Editor